2021-01-08 12:40:01

Porsche created an all-terrain vehicle from a classic sports car

Vehicle Design, which is engaged in the restoration and improvement of classic Porsche 911 and Atelier Tuthill Porsche specialists, showed their project.

The novelty is an all-road version of the classic Porsche sports car - Singer ACS. All-wheel drive car was created on one of the longtime customers, who will participate in various competitions with the vehicle.

The new car can compete in various professional races, like the legendary Dakar Rally-Raid. The companies have made two versions of the Singer ACS based on the Porsche 964, but each has its mission: the white coupe is geared for desert racing, the red one for asphalt runs rally-crosses.

The interior has a safety cage, sports-type bucket seats, and a racing dashboard.

Singer ACS has a six-cylinder opposed engine with two turbocharged compressors. The machine has a displacement of 3.6 liters and produces a maximum of 456 hp and 570 Nm.