2014-03-18 12:31:43

Porsche Sales Report 2013: Averagely $23,200 for an Item

The brand has released full report on the last year’s sales revealing the average $23,200 gained for every moved item.

Comparison of the sales figures of all the brands united by Volkswagen family allows concluding that Porsche managed to set its place at the top of the rating in income per vehicle. The closest competitor of the company is Bentley with nearly $21,500 per car.

The least expected member of the rating is the Swedish Scania. Approximately $17,000 per item brought the brand bronze among the most successfully sold cars of Volkswagen family. Such a good result made it possible for the company to set a €6.7-million price tag for the shares remaining at the market.

Audi did not provide separate calculations for its subsidiaries, so one can only assume what the share of Lamborghini in the modest total $5,200 per item is. Nevertheless, this figure is still higher than the Volkswagen average of $850 on the car.