2017-03-21 16:48:08

Porsche Experiences $17K Profits While Ferrari Has $90K On Every Car!

Ferrari and Porsche experienced the biggest increases in profit last year.

Porsche provided more than 238,000 cars last year. This turned out in a total operating profit of $4.1 billion, a 14-per cent increase in comparison with 2015 and a net profit of $17,250 per car (a 9-per cent increase).

Think only, the competitors like Daimler AG netted only around $5,000 per car last year. Just like the BMW did. However, BMW, Porsche, or Daimler cannot rival Ferrari’s profit.

The company from Italy saw a net of around $90,000 per car last year! The profit also spreads on other goods, such as engines, accessories and amusement parks. They make up more than 30% of the business. That also does not spread on 8,000 vehicles per year sold by the automaker.

During these past 3 years, Porsche has increased its yearly output by 47%. Now it equates to almost 1/10 the size of the German producer in terms of overall manufacturing.