2017-02-08 18:12:22

Modernized Porsche Macan spotted

The cover at the back of the car give a clue that CUV may have tail lamps from the behind, just as forthcoming 911.

A new set of photos from spies expose that Porsche is on a refreshing their well-selling Macan CUV. Small boosts with light cover make the crossover look fresh.

One of the biggest Macan upgrades is improved front dashboard. The vehicle also has bigger lower lip, what makes it look more dangerous notably when in black color. Our informers also insist on having seen the cover around the headlamps. Unfortunately, pictures cannot show this.

Porsche builder also cover the tail lamps from the behind, which marks to upgrades for them as well. It is possible to notice the cover-up between the lamps at the back. We keep guessing if Porsche is planning to include a LEDs light on the back like we’ve seen at the next 911 pictures from our spies.

Sadly, these pictures make it impossible to see the interior.