2014-01-06 02:28:41

Looks of 911 Targa from Porsche Leaked

Public roads were the first to host the test drive of 911 Targa from Porsche.

There have been two sneak-peeks made at the new model: first time at Nürburgring, and the most recent silver prototype, with relatively scarce disguise.

Targa seems to be returning to classical looks. The roof is equipped with B-pillars; a glass panel (not the latest sliding roof) and a custom-designed salient rear screen also hint at retro features peculiar of the budding 991-generation.

Four-wheel drive seems to be the decision for 911 Targa. It borrowed engine solutions from 911 cabriolet: 3.8 and 3.4-litre engines amounting to 395 and 345 bhp, correspondingly.

Motor show in Detroit, which is to be held in less than a fortnight, will host the release of the new 911 Targa.