2014-09-26 13:30:21

Future Presentation of Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid in Paris

A third plug-in cross-breed variant named the S E-Hybrid Cayenne will be presented in Paris, stated Porsche today.

The superflux SUV will be the third currently selling Porsche with a plug-in cross-breed engine and will accede the 916 Spyder and Panamera. It will be the first superflux SUV suggested with such equipment. Porsche will restyle the Cayenne for the 2015. It is going to have similar to the a bit smaller Macan design which was launched a year ago. The automaker stated that the productivity of the Cayenne branch was enhanced together with handling.

Thankfully to the plug-in cross-breed engine, the offering will range 60 mph in 5.4 seconds. It will produce 416 hp and torque of 435 lb-ft. The model will be equipped with an automatic change gear with eight speeds. Power is sent through it to a constant all-wheel drive system.

9% of the Panameras which were sold worldwide during the first eight months of this year were furnished with a plug-in cross-breed engine stated Porsche. The company also expects a warm acceptance of the innovated Cayenne. The automaker reports about a 16% take rate for the E-Hybrid variant in the United States.