2019-05-08 18:01:48

'Dieselgate' will cost Porsche another 535 million euros

Porsche broke the law in the field of harmful emissions 10 years ago. The scandalous 'Dieselgate' began 4 years ago. 

Volkswagen concern used special software in order to lower the CO2 level in diesel engines during tests. Since that time, the scandal hasn't calmed down all over the world. Cars included in VW responded, and their software was reflashed. Companies received lawsuits, due to which they had to pay compensation to the owners, as well as fines to local authorities.

Now the prosecutor's office of the German city of Stuttgart has obliged the concern and its brand, Porsche AG, to pay 535 million euros. Porsche engineers had omitted legal obligations, making violations that led to the following. They started selling cars with V6 and V8 diesel engines on the shelves from 2009.

Porsche will not challenge the decision of the prosecutor's office of Stuttgart. The company agrees to pay all fines.