2014-08-05 00:44:57

American Customers Left without V6 Cayenne

Six-cylinders might be considered outdated Stateside from now on.

Apart from V6 four more options will be available for the American customers who will call on the Porsche dealerships this autumn. Most prominent of them are placed at opposing range points in terms of pricing – diesel with €46,700 and turbo with almost €85,500. Add €740 more for destination and you will get the approximate cost frame of facelifted Cayennes.

Considering the abovementioned figures, it is expected that a lot of clients will grieve the loss of six-cylinder engines, as vehicles with such powerplant cost €37,500 at the average.

Comment of the senior management has also been provided. CEO of North American branch said that the sales performance of Cayenne lived up to the best expectations, but mid-cycle changes have become unnecessary lately, so that is why marketing has become more demand-oriented.

The words are supported by figures: two years ago the sales of Porsche Cayenne in America were almost one-fifth lower than those of 2013.