2014-06-02 09:02:55

911 GT3 RS from Porsche to Get a Turbo Engine

The next 911 GT3 RS release from Porsche might be spiced up by adding a turbo mill to the powertrain.

Core of the problem lies in uncertainties whether horizontally opposed-6 propulsion with the displacement of 3.8 litres fully complies with “RS” status indicated at the badge. This doubt led the engineers to find solution in a turbocharged engine.

This piece of news seems to be fully understandable in regards to the previous announcement of company’s CEO confessing that the brand might not have enough time for the planned delivery of the model due to inflammation investigation. On the other hand, those who already appreciate 911 GT3 for its natural aspiration might change their minds with the advent of RS.

It has also been reported that 911 GT3 will supply its 4WS to the new modifications of Cayman, especially its most popular GT4 variant.