2015-07-06 14:21:24

290,000 euro for a Porsche 991 GTR Carbon Edition

TOPCAR came back with a follow-up to its Stinger GTR set intended for the Porsche 911 (991) with more carbon fibber now.

The last package features installing a minimum of 24 components made from carbon fibber and replacing 90% of the regular body panels. It is evident that these changes will be reflected at the car’s price. The carbon variant is €15,000 more expensive than the standard Stinger GTR. The price of the last one stands at €49,080. Adding €10,000 more for installation makes a really pricey aftermarket piece of work.

This vehicle is based on a Turbo S offering that starts at €197,041 in Germany under the conditions of regular configuration. Though, this offering can boast other changes, such as a flashy cabin with a lot of gold accents in combination with carbon touches and Nappa leather. Moreover, the vehicle is equipped with the ADV.1 wheels. Expect the car to cost €290,000 with all these upgrades.