2018-09-19 17:03:09

Peugeot retro-concept appeared on new photos

The main Peugeot designer Gilles Vidal distributed in Instagram new photos of the show car, which was inspired by the cult 504 Coupe.

The novelty, which will debut in Paris, will be equipped with an electric installation with a 2+2 landing formula.

The prototype will be pleased with the auto-management system, as well as with the iCockpit interior. Another concept will have digital side mirrors with taillights. We add that the connection of this concept with the Peugeot 504 Coupe is traced through the air intakes at the top edge of a hood.

The show car confirms the serious intentions of the company regarding the electrification of models. Since 2019, every Peugeot car will receive a gasoline, diesel, and hybrid / electric unit.