2017-07-10 21:10:38

Peugeot Design Director Reinvented The Iconic 205 GTI

Meet modern interpretation of the great hot hatchback from Gilles Vidal. 

That’s a great success for the producer from France. It was resurrected thankfully to the number. Now the 205 starts a new chapter in its history as it is entering the universe of vintage vehicles. This works especially for GTIs. However, there is an upward trend for the regular and limited edition versions too. In such a way, a Roland-Carros cabrio was priced at almost $28,765 at a sale. The sale was held in Monaco this month. 

Gilles Vidal is the current design director at Peugeot. It looks like he is not able to escape his nostalgia feeling. Gilles uploaded sketches of a 205 GTI of the 21st century on the Web. Those are 2 versions of the reinvented sports icon.