2014-04-16 16:29:28

Peugeot Chose a Delegate for Next Year's Dakar

2008 DKR will race for Peugeot during 2015 Dakar Rally.

The delegate of the French company which for the last time participated in Dakar Race in late 80’s is a quite aggressively looking racer coloured in radical black. Gloomy image of the vehicle is supported by massive tyres by Michelin ready to hit any off-road conditions with their 37 inches in diameter. A rear wing was added to the car and rear doors were taken off. Another peculiarity is a short overhang.

Engine specifics of 2008 DKR are still unknown. Other powerplant details include only the absence of four-wheel drive case. At the end of the week Peugeot will present a full profile on the car at the press conference in Beijing.

Dakar Rally of 2015 will be conducted in mid-January. The brand has reported that the racers chosen for the tournament are Sainz and Despres.