2014-04-09 16:30:58

Official Leakage of Peugeot Exalt Concept prior to Chinese Release

Web appearance of the new Exalt coupe with four doors happened before the presentation planned for the concept in a few days in Beijing.

Actually, exposure before the debut was inevitable, but someone mixed the days of mail distribution and a letter containing information about the concept and its images has been sent today. Promotional campaign started for Exalt at the beginning of the year. First messages of the brand implied that the concept would be a successor to Onyx.

Meanwhile the coupe was equipped with a Hybrid4 powertrain consisting of a petrol motor working in pair with an electric one united to give out 340 hp. Shark skin seems to be the motto of the vehicle’s body: the French company advertises the layout of the concept as if it imitates this material. Other signal words conjured up in viewer’s imagination while looking at the car are “crude steel” and “textile”. The company wisely keeps the photos of the interior to itself.

Press conference to be conducted after the presentation will cross one’s t’s regarding new Exalt on April, 20 in Beijing.