2017-02-27 15:07:03

Meet Instinct Hybrid Concept From Peugeot

A completely autonomous driving set-up is available in the gorgeous wagon now.

Peugeot definitely knows how to develop appealing concepts. The Geneva-bound Instinct is a proof of that. The gorgeous wagon will not be a production vehicle, but that’s just a perfect tease.

According to the automaker, the Instinct concept’s sculpted body was created with aerodynamic efficiency in mind in a bid to maximize the efficiency of fuel. The car features cameras in the place of conventional mirrors. Besides, there is one more camera placed within the LED headlamps. This one is used for scanning of the road ahead. The data gathered by the camera is sent to the concept’s numerous assistance and safety set-ups. Even though the Instinct is completely autonomous, the owner can still be in charge of the vehicle whenever it is necessary.