2015-02-19 17:24:36

Facelift of Peugeot 208 can be seen on the Web

Photos of an innovated Peugeot 208 appeared on the web. Pictures of the interior and rear end are added.

The photo was scanned from the magazine called Auto Journal. It shows something similar to a facelift for the French offering unveiled more than three years ago. The picture shows a lightly revised front radiator enclosure, new fog lights surround and other headlamps graphics for the offering. The vehicle is finished in a two tone orange-black colour from the exterior. It has also received new styling of wheels.

This is the first information that appeared about the revised vehicle, so there are no any details at this point. Considering the fact that the car was presented in 2011, the customers should expect visual and technical upgrades. Probably, the vehicle will be presented at the Motor Show in Geneva.