2016-10-10 17:09:18

Spy Snap Of The Innovated Opel Corsa

Spy Snap Of The Innovated Opel Corsa

The Corsa E offering has been circulating for almost 2 years around. The automaker probably hurries to present its new generation.

Though, the current supermini model rides with the underpinnings of the previous offering. So, this sounds more like a facelift of the Corsa D.

Spy photos of the innovated B-segment hatch have been caught. The unit will receive innovated hardware. There is plenty of camouflage, but we noticed that the new Corsa features the production headlamps and taillamps. We still don’t know if it will be a 3-door model, as the company has been considering 5-door units lately.

The vehicle’s shape does not differ to much in comparison with the Corsa E. However, the size mirror has been replaced closer to the A-pillar. The wheelbase should be stretched for more space inside the cabin. Passengers in the back will get more legroom.