2020-03-10 19:04:35

Opel Mokka X will appear with a new design and electric performance

Opel is preparing the second generation of the famous compact Mokka X SUV.

The car is still undergoing active tests on public roads. The second-generation Opel Mokka X is comparable in size to the first-generation model. Opel will try to create more differences between the new product and the Crossland X SUV.

The new Mokka X is made according to an entirely new design style of the company. The appearance of the car resembles the concept of car GT X Experimental 2018. Inside, the design of the vehicle will turn out completely different, and most of all, the front panel will be updated.

The novelty is built on the PSA CMP architecture. We add that this platform is used in the new Corsa and Peugeot 2008. The electric version of Mokka will acquire a range of approximately 300 km. There is no information about other versions of the model yet.

Opel will start selling the second-generation Mokka X at the end of 2020.