2017-04-26 14:41:52

Hot Opel Grandland X With OPC Treatment

Hot Opel Grandland X With OPC Treatment

You definitely need this European performance SUV!

The innovated Grandland X from the automaker has common things with the innovated 3008 from Peugeot. Its total cargo capacity is 19 cubic-feet. So, that’s a pretty large and lovely SUV for European customers. Though, is there an opportunity for a performance version?

X-Tomi Design artists provided an OPC version for the latest Grandland X 3-row SUV. Obviously, OPC means the Opel Performance Centre.

In the provided guise, the OPC treatment looks really good. Clean lines of the model are underlined by a more aggressive front fascia featuring new vents and new grille. There also are signature OPC-styled wheels.

The Grandland is the automaker’s flagship SUV, so expect it to ride with an innovated 6-cylinder powerplant with 350 hp. However, the producer has to confirm the performance details soon.