2019-12-02 20:01:17

The new Nissan Note will have sliding doors

The third-generation Nissan Note will completely change the concept.

The new compact van will turn out to be larger, with a 3-row passenger compartment and sliding doors at the rear. The appearance of the new product is created in the style of the current Sentra sedan, while the fuel consumption in the hybrid version of e-Power in the combined plan will be no more than 4 liters per 100 km.

Most likely, Note will have a longer wheelbase with a high single-volume body. The side doors at the back will become sliding. Perhaps a new car will appear after a while and with a 7-seater saloon.

The base Nissan Note will leave the front-wheel-drive transmission, and the hybrid e-Power will provide an auxiliary electric motor on the rear axle as an option. The car will leave a power plant for itself, which consists of a 1.2-liter 80-horsepower gasoline aspirator, which is a generator, and a 110-horsepower electric motor, which is responsible for the wheels in front.