2018-01-12 21:28:08

Nissan's Growth For 2017

Last year’s all-time sales record was set by the Nissan Group (we remind you that it also includes Infiniti).

According to the company, total sales marked 1,593,464 vehicles. That was an all-time record. In comparison with 2016, this is an increase by 1.9% even though sales in Decembers can be called slow. The Nissan division marked 1,440,049 total sales. That was an increase by 1%. The Rogue crossover overcame all the other offerings from Nissan. 403,465 units were sold. This is a 22% increase. Then come Nissan trucks, SUVs and crossovers. There were 765,624 such vehicles sold which makes it a 15% increase.

Infinity got a 10.9% increase in sales in 2016.