2020-05-28 18:24:10

Nissan begins a massive restructuring

Nissan has announced the announcement of a series of measures that will provide the company with growth and financial stability.

The plan for four years involves large-scale business optimization, as well as cost reduction with a reduction in the model line.

The company's key sales markets are North America, China, and Japan. In these regions, the brand is the "leader" in harming the rest of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi members.

Sales growth will be realized due to the strengthening of positions in key segments like C and D, plus electric cars and sports cars will appear on the market. Over the next three years, Nissan wants to declassify 12 new products. In Japan, the share of electric vehicles in the total volume will rise to 60%, and from around 2023, Nissan will sell a million electric cars and hybrids e-POWER every year. Autopilot ProPILOT would be installed in 20 models, which sold in 20 countries.

Large-scale business optimization at Nissan will be as follows: the company will leave South Korea and will not sell cars on behalf of the Datsun brand in the Russian Federation. 2 plants should be closed: in Spain and Indonesia. The model line will be reduced from 69 to 55 cars.