2014-04-28 14:44:17

Nissan Vehicles Soon to Become Weather-Proof

What a couple of years ago could be perceived as a point for laughing has been utilized by Nissan in its desire to create unique weather-proof paint.

Pioneer of the first developments of this kind is the Note prototype finished with extra repellent paint. Currently the Japanese automaker is cooperating with European scientific department to find out whether such technology can be applied at full scale.

The secret of coating called Ultra-Ever Dry is an outer air layer preventing environmental hazards from reaching the paint. Final effect is described by the brand as protection from dry dirt marks inevitably present after a drive during a rainy day.

The main concern of Note developers is desire to make everyday rides less stressful, states marketing boss of the model. Such an innovation will be especially highly evaluated by family customers. Marketing manager of Note concluded that the brand is ready to apply its best minds to boost driving comfort, and such innovation as this unique coating is only one of the ways to ensure progress.