2019-12-16 18:42:37

Nissan Leaf has got an improved autopilot

Nissan presented an updated version of the Leaf electric car, which provides an improved set of ProPilot systems and driving sounds.

The ProPilot semi-automatic ride system uses advanced speed control technology with an improved parking function. An option is the Canto system, which can make unique sounds while riding, calling for increased pedestrian safety. The pitch of the music was taught to change in the position exactly how the car is moving: accelerating, slowing down, or reversing.

The company said that the volume of the new system is sufficient so that the sound can be heard from a distance, but not to the detriment of pedestrians, passengers, and residents of the city.

As a standard, the novelty received an upgraded KFM with a 9-inch sensor and an antenna on the roof.