2013-12-02 01:13:37

Nissan Leaf Can Provide Power for You

Nissan is nowadays examining its fresh “Vehicle-to-Building” system, which provides up to six Nissan Leaf electric models to be connected and give electricity for a building’s power distribution board.

The successful early field exams saw the Leafs giving power to the building during peak hours, when electricity is the most expensive. Moreover, when electricity is cheaper, the electricity flows in the other way, ensuring that all 6 Leafs are fully charged for their drivers at the end of the work day.

Since July, the Japanese company has been testing its “Vehicle-to-Building” system at the Nissan Advanced Technology Facility in Atsugi City, Japan. During the peak summer periods, the building received a reduction of 25.7 KW, which means around 2.6 % in savings – approximately $5,500 per year.

The automaker will carry on testing the technology, which will surely also benefit Nissan’s “Leaf-to-Home” system. Those power stations generate an uninterrupted flow of electricity stored in the Leaf’s high-capacity batteries to residential homes.

Nowadays, Leaf is global top-selling electric vehicle with more than 86,000 models sold.