2014-01-10 12:47:52

Great Sales Rise Is Expected in 2014 from Nissan Leaf

The great increase in sales in 2013 makes Nissan very optimistic concerning Leaf in the current year.

Last year the sales of the model were higher than in 2012 by 130 percent; 22,610 cars were moved. December turned out to be the most successful for Leaf when the new record was set with 2,529 sold units.

CEO of the company reports that the average monthly sales in the United States amount to 3,000 vehicles, making it 36,000 units per year. Carlos Ghosn reveals the plans of increasing the monthly figures to 4,000 selling almost 50,000 cars a year.

Plug-in cars start to prove themselves, and the Leaf from Nissan is not an exception. 2013 exceeded the number of the sold electrified cars by more than 100,000 comparatively to 2012; 578,000 cars were moved in total.