2015-07-14 16:30:37

Expect a Smaller Version of the Nissan Rogue Hybrid

Nissan told last week that 100,000 more Rogues will be carried over to America annually. This will be done in order to satisfy customers’ demand. Though, this is not the end.

Two innovated Rogue versions are going to join the range in the United States. In such a way, clients will have more choice.  The automaker is going to offer a smaller variant of the compact crossover and a Rogue hybrid since the next year.

Nissan is going to import the European Qashqai crossover in order to shrink the Rogue. We remind you, that the Qashqai crossover is ten inches shorter than its North American analogue. There is still no information if the Qashqai will remain with its 1.6-litre V4 engine.

All these things mean that the producer will have to dump the Rogue Select. After the automaker restyled the Rouge for the last year, it kept its pre-redesign offerings in production. Nissan sold them as the Rogue Select which is a cheaper alternative to the renovated Rogue. The company is sure that the smaller Qashqai will be placed in the hole after the Rogue Select in the line-up.

Speaking about Rogue sales, Fred Diaz, the Nissan senior vice president of American sales, said that they have not hit the top yet. They have more chances there if they can get their dealers more.

The automaker is sourcing its 100,000 more Rogues from a Japanese plant. The company’s Smyrna plant (Tennessee) is outputting 150,000 units annually. 80,000 vehicles will be spawned by a South Korean Renault factory.