2015-12-16 16:06:56

5.6L Petrol V8 for 2016 Nissan Titan

Nissan has confirmed the petrol eight-cylinder engine option for the latest Titan and Titan XD.

A 5.6-litre eight-cylinder producing 390 hp and torque of 401 lb-ft will be possible to obtain. The automaker calls it the “Endurance” eight-cylinder.

According to Nissan, this is the fully-new unit that has the same displacement with the previous Titan. The next year’s variant of the engine under consideration boasts direct injection, variable valve event, lift technology and 4 valves per cylinder. There also will be an improvement of throttle response. It will become possible thankfully to the new valve technology. Meanwhile a new piston design will allow more performance for a high compression ratio.

While equipping the Titan XD, the motor will be mated to a 7-speed automatic featuring adaptive shift control along with automatic rev-matching downshifts.

The producer assures that fuel economy will be improved, but it did not specify the details.

The Titan XD Crew Cab offerings powered with petrol will go on market next spring. The regular Titan will be introduced next summer.