2014-05-19 10:00:21

370Z Nismo from Nissan: Time to Impress

Mid-cycle life of Nissan 370Z has come to a new exciting event – the release of 2015 Nismo modification. It took place at ZDayZ in Fontana Village Resort in North Carolina.

It would be logical to outline the carryover powertrain of the performance vehicle and then move to alternations. Thus, the same motor has been used as in the current offering – six-cylinder, volume of 3.7 litres, 350 hp and torque of 276 lb-ft easily achieved and mated to both manual and automatic gearboxes.

Most of the changes are visible from the front of the car. The vehicle introduces itself with LED lamps with contrasting bezels as well as custom badges and sports strip. In fact, a 360 degree look at the car reveals a lot of innovations, including new side sills and redesigned rear end. There is also practical purpose behind the beauty – innovations are meant to enhance aerodynamics. The exterior is elegantly rounded up with a new solution for aluminium wheels 19 inches in diameter.

Generosity of style can be found inside the cab. Upholstery of 2015 Nismo features a combination of sports leather with artificial chamois and red accents. Steering wheel is also adorned with leather. Insignia of the model can be found in a number of places. Electronic devices are presented with a large touchscreen, modern audio system and a couple of standard options.

Racers will definitely appreciate performance boost developments found in the new Nismo. The entire system of hardware and rigidity-boosting tricks were resorted to by the engineers of the vehicle in order to supply it with track advantage.

New Nissan’s product will appear for sale in two months.