2017-06-21 12:13:39

This Year's Mitsubishi Triton Boasts A Rear-View Camera

This year’s Triton from Mitsubishi with a rear-view camera as regular feature in the range thankfully to the added technology on cab chassis units.

The producer has engineered a rear-view camera set-up for the hard tray pack range. It will be priced starting from $1191 to $1750.

Mitsubishi Australia’s chief of marketing told that with a genuine rear view camera solution they will be able to provide Triton Customers safety tech without breaking the budget. He went on to specify that the Triton cab chassis is still a popular unit to be chosen among the others and the company is committed to supplying safety tech like that for every client.

The Triton cab chassis range will cost staring from $22,300 and on-road costs for the 1st GLX petrol manual with RWD.