2019-04-24 17:56:39

Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon finished its cycle with a final special version

Mitsubishi Motors completes the Pajero off-road vehicle. For Japan, the company has prepared a farewell version of the auto.

Pajero Final Edition will appear in a limited edition - 700 copies. More advanced standard equipment will be prepared for him, and each customer will also receive a Citizen watch and a Mitsubishi logo.

Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition will delight railings, electric sunroof, chairs with leather, 'climate' and etc. The color is available from 4 options: pearl white, silver, black, and 2-color, complemented by a light bottom with a dark top.

A motor at the farewell Pajero 3.2-liter turbo diesel for 190 horses.' Gearbox - 5-band 'automatic.'

The development of the future Pajero Wagon by Mitsubishi has not been confirmed. SUV will still be present in some countries, but until the end of 2019, its sales will no longer be engaged.