2019-04-30 20:05:44

Postpones release of Mercedes-AMG One hypercar

Mercedes-AMG said it was debugging the release of a flagship One hypercar because the company needs to install the newest particulate filter.

Autocar informs that a new filter will allow the hyper machine to be certified for CO2 levels in the WLTP cycle. Engineers after this procedure will not reduce the total impact of the installation of new items.

Mercedes-AMG One will have a hybrid unit with the basis of an improved 1.6-liter supercharged V6. The internal combustion engine works with an electrical unit located on the rear axle, producing together 680 hp. The front wheels received 1 auxiliary electric motor. Totally, it turns out more than 1000 hp.

Mercedes-AMG One will accelerate to the 'hundred' in 2.5 seconds and acceleration to 200 km/h will require about 6 seconds. The maximum speed hypercar will give 350 km/h. 

In total there will be 275 such cars, and the price of 1 copy will reach 2.5 million euros.