2019-12-09 20:42:51

New Mercedes GLA boasts design

New Mercedes GLA boasts design

Mercedes-Benz showed the second-generation GLA design sketch, hinting at the appearance of a small SUV.

The online premiere of the car will take place on December 11, and the model will be publicly declassified at Geneva 2020.

The GLA design was created in the style of the company's new compact cars with a modular front-wheel-drive base MFA2. The novelty will come out 10 cm above its predecessor.

The motor range of the cross will include a 1.3-liter gasoline V4 for 163 "horses," created together with Renault, and a 2.0-liter engine. Engines with the power of 116-190 "horses" will appear in the environment of diesel engines. Next, the crossover will receive "hot" variations from AMG with indices 35 and 45, which will be provided with engines for 306 and 421 "horses," respectively.