2013-07-19 12:23:22

Mercedes G63 AMG 6*6 Breathtaking Gallery

What’s the most thrilling thing you’ve ever seen? The answer is surely THIS!

Two months ago Mercedes uncovered the first pictures and details of the extremely cool G63 6×6 truck. Now we’ve got plenty more pictures of the big boy toy hooning it up in (guess where?) the desert.

Enhanced by a turbocharged 5.5-liter V8 motor providing 563 hp and 560 lb-ft of torque, as the truck’s name suggests it has 6 wheels, not to mention 5 differential locks to help put all that power down. Weighing 8,322 lbs it’s significantly bigger than a regular G63 model, measuring 8.9-inches wider, 10.7-inches taller and 43.5-inches longer.

Extremely capable off-road vehicle, it’s still a Mercedes-Benz and includes an opulent cabin with 4 captain’s chairs.

Constructed at the Magna Steyr plant in Austria, where the rest of the G63 models are made, Mercedes has said it will deliver a limited number of the units for sale to the public. Cost has not been revealed.