2020-01-08 19:43:15

Mercedes-Benz will recall 744 thousand cars

Mercedes-Benz will recall 744 thousand cars

Mercedes-Benz is organizing a massive recall campaign in the United States. 

Seven hundred forty-four thousand cars of various models will go for repairs because of problems with the panoramic sunroof.

This service campaign will affect the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, CLK-Class, CLS-Class, and E-Class, released between 2001-2011. All models have a large panoramic sunroof on the roof. Cases have been identified where a defect in them makes the hatches fall.

They are not reported about injured passengers in this incident. In theory, there were no injuries. Representatives of Mercedes-Benz promise to check every car that came under review carefully. If a defect with a hatch is detected, then the problem will be fixed free of charge. Those motorists who have already repaired the car at their own expense will receive monetary compensation.