2019-07-17 17:02:41

Mercedes-Benz close X-Class project

The company decided to stop production of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup. The reason is terrible demand.

Daimler AG wants to revise expenses with profit optimization. The model range of the company will be changed, and, therefore, unclaimed cars will become history. The first of these will be pickup X-Class.

The model went on sale two years ago. The Nissan Navara platform provided to the mid-size pickup truck and the assembly takes place in a Spanish enterprise.

The company itself hoped that the X-Class would be an attractive proposition to a growing segment of mid-size pickups. The model had many problems, as well as its high cost with assembly defects. Even after several recall campaigns, the situation has not changed much. We add that Mercedes-Benz sold only 16,700 copies in all of Europe last year, in South Africa and Australia.

The average cost of a car is $50,000.