2018-06-11 16:36:15

Mercedes-Benz GLE almost lost camouflage (VIDEO)

The network received a brand new video on which the new generation of GLE is almost "naked."

As you can see, the new Mercedes-Benz GLE got caught with a minimum of protective film, which means that soon the car will make its debut. In the pre-series prototype camouflage is only present on the rear lights.

GLE will be based on the MRA, which is present in the latest E-Class. Applying a new base, the machine will lose weight and grow in size. The new car also will have a streamlined shape.

Over the past year in Europe, sold 26,519 copies of Mercedes-Benz GLE. Taking period January-April 2018, sales reached 8,707 cars. Changing the generation, GLE expects the revival of its sales.