2019-09-09 18:20:20

Mercedes-AMG GT R provides with an 880-horsepower installation

Posaidon workshop showed the most potent version of Mercedes-AMG GT.

The company has replacing turbochargers, introducing forged pistons, a different fuel system, reflashing the engine control unit, and improving the exhaust. V8 M178 Biturbo engine returned at around 880 "horses."

The Posaidon specialists selected the demonstration vehicle as to the "civilian" version of AMG GT R. The Posaidon masters managed to create the fastest AMG GT in the world. The appearance of the car didn't change.

Engineers reported that the peak moment of the improved engine was forcibly limited at 1000 Nm to protect the transmission. The measurements of the first "hundreds" amounted to 2.9 seconds, and the "maximum speed" reaches 360 km per hour.