2017-04-08 01:15:17

Less Fuel-Cell Cars From Mercedes-Benz

According to the reports, Mercedes-Benz is not gearing up for the development efforts with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and goes on with battery EVs.

Dieter Zetsche said that hydrogen fuel cell tech held a huge advantage over the battery EVs at the beginning because of the longer range and quicker re-fuelling needs. However, now, the advantage turned out to be much smaller.

The company’s CEO assures that battery costs are quickly declining while hydrogen manufacturing is still not cheap. According to him, fuel cell tech still is an “interesting solution”. Though, hydrogen has to be produced at commercial quantities via renewable energy for that.

The producer committed to launch 10 electric cars by 2022 last week. We want to remind you that sometime earlier Mercedes-Benz promised to launch 10 such cars by 2025.