2016-12-30 14:46:39

New Personalization Options From McLaren

New Personalization Options From McLaren

McLaren fans have lots of stuff to choose from now.

You must earn a lot if you a ready to spend half-a-mill on your vehicle1 The British company is adding a line of aftermarket personalization features to its ranks now.

The latest range of MSO (McLaren Special Operations) Defined accessories gives customers an opportunity to refresh the styling of their vehicles. And it does not matter if they are new or old ones.

The design kits are marketed and fitted in the automaker’s stores. The best thing is that they can be applied to any of the McLaren Super Series offerings (the 625LT, 12C and 650S) at any time. The carbon fibber options should enhance the dramatic styling of the vehicle and bring more performance due to weight loss.

Expect to see a new carbon fibber wing mirror as well as a carbon-fibber rear diffuser enhancing the air flow. There also will be a carbon-fibber bonnet just like on the limited edition company’s 650S Can-Am.