2020-10-27 22:20:44

McLaren's new hybrid supercar will be potent

The newest McLaren supercar, which has not yet been named, will get a hybrid power plant based on a V6 gasoline Biturbo engine.

Autocar writes that the total power of the new items will be set at more than 600 hp. One electric traction will allow the car to travel more than 30 km. The curb weight of the supercar will reach about 1500 kg due to the carbon fiber construction.

A novelty is being created on the latest MCLA base (it is McLaren's own development). The car will be located between the GT and 720S in the company's model lineup. Perhaps the debut of the vehicle will occur in the first quarter of 2021. Auto sales will start in the middle of next year. The twin-seat supercar is part of the "junior" Sport Series family.

The novelty design will resemble the Elva and GT cars, and its possible name is Artura, Vion, Arkon, Veo, or GTZ.