2020-05-25 15:52:57

Mazda virtual sports car equipped with a rotary engine (VIDEO)

Mazda demonstrated the racing performance of the RX-Vision GT3 on video.

The concept car was created specifically for the Gran Turismo Sport racing simulator, and in its equipment, there is a new generation of the SKYACTIV-R rotary engine.

The appearance of the car is similar to the civilian performance of the RX-Vision concept. The car got a long hood, a spoiler, a sports exhaust system, and a curved roofline. You can play for the ruble of the vehicle after updating Gran Turismo Sport.

We add that previously there was information according to which Mazda will release a commodity version of the RX-Vision. The coupe was supposed to have a new rotary engine with a capacity of 450 hp. The rotary motor should appear in the future only in hybrid plants, where its work will take place along with the electric motor.