2013-08-19 11:55:56

Mazda Rotary Motor to Come Back in 2 Years with a Fresh Unit

Happy time for Wankel fans! A fresh rotary motor is surely in development by Mazda, and it will be unveiled in 2 years under the hood of a brand-new model.

Actually known as the 16X, the fresh rotary motor will have better fuel economy than the one last provided in the RX-8 while offering more performance. The Japanese company is also working on ensuring the new engine doesn’t burn as much oil as before during high revs and hopes to give it a big torque enhancement.

During the last years, Mazda has been developing the SkyActiv family of constructors and will be applying much of that technology to assist the fresh rotary motor in being fuel efficient while offering ample performance. Sadly, no details on whether it’ll be naturally aspirated or turbocharged were provided. Nevertheless, the Japanese company is sticking to its traditions and looking to bring rotary motors into the future.