2020-10-20 22:59:11

One of the rarest Maserati cars to be sold at auction

A rare Maserati Khamsin from 1978 onwards will be sold at the American Bring a Trailer auction.

Maserati makes a total of 435 Khamsin. To the United States exported in the amount of 155 units. The coupe is priced now at $35,000.

The debut of Maserati Khamsin took place in Geneva in 1973. Italian designer Marcello Gandini created the exterior of the Grand Tourer. A unique wedge-shaped shape distinguishes the model's body part with "floating" headlights at the rear on a transparent panel.
An aluminum 4.9-liter V8 unit powers the Maserati Khamsin with 315 hp and 308 Nm. The engine works with 5-speed "mechanics." The maximum speed on the coupe is up to 270 km per hour.