2020-02-22 17:07:00

New supercar Maserati provided with a name

Maserati planned to officially present the brand new supercar Maserati MC20 in May of this year.

Spy photos show nothing special, since camouflage is exceptionally tight, as is the presence of many fake body panels. Only known that the machine will acquire a mid-range power unit. Perhaps this engine will be V6.

Buyers will also receive a fully electric version of the new product, which will be launched after the appearance of a standard car.

Maserati says the MC20 is a “natural evolution” of the Maserati MC12 hypercar, which was limitedly released between 2004 and 2005.

Maserati MC20 will begin its sales this fall. Starting in 2021, customers will receive a convertible version of the model.