2019-08-05 17:28:13

Maserati is preparing more than one sports car

The Italian brand designed a plan for the development of its models until 2023.

The emergence of brand new sports cars and not a change of generations of machines expects.

A year later, the cross Levante and Maserati Ghibli sedans with the Quattroporte will be updated. Earlier it was reported that these cars until the 2022nd would have new generations, but these plans postponed to a later time. Starting next year, Maserati will begin selling a "completely new sports car." Most likely, it will be a sports car with the basis of the concept car Alfieri 2014. After two years, the model will have an open performance.

The same year 2021 assumes the release of a completely new GranTurismo coupe from Maserati, as well as a small crossover with an unknown name.

In total, up to 2022, three new items with electrical installations (sports coupe, convertible, cross) will be sold in Maserati. According to rumors, we are talking about the electric versions of Levante, Ghibli, and Quattroporte, plus add here the coupe and convertible Alfieri.