2016-08-03 16:39:16

Maserati Wants to Make MC12 Successor

The 2004 MC12 from Maserati was a limited-edition offering originated on the Ferrari Enzo. It seems that a successor will have the same guidelines.

The director of Maserati stated the news and shared that Maserati could do a limited edition, but sometime later. At the moment they are refreshing the Quattroporte and Ghibli sedans. Meanwhile the Gran Turismo’s successor is being developed.

The innovated GranTurismo offering will not differ from the current vehicle thankfully to accelerating technology. There is no demand for a convertible variant in China, so it will not happen.

The innovated limited-edition offering could once more use the Ferrari’s bones. However, the automaker has access to the carbon fibber tub that was used for the Alfa Romeo 4C that could be as the base for the new special offering. Now the 4C’s body is constructed at Maserati’s Modena plant.

The boss also believes that the vehicles are sold too cheaply. A limited-edition offering should solve this problem. By the way, prices will not jump quickly as the brand boss plans to make transaction prices higher with the lapse of time.