2014-12-25 14:58:40

Range Rover will have a Widebody Set from Lumma Design

Lumma Design has tuned the Range Rover of the last generation.

The CLR R GT Evo can be considered an evolution of the previous sets. It provides the Range Rover with a completely another outlook beginning from the front. There is a custom bumper with cooling air input terminals along with a central spoiler sword with double stripes of LED daytime auxiliary lamps. The adjuster built in ventilation inlets into the carbon jacket. It is possible to notice a splasher widening set which touches door attachments and incorporated air inlets.

Lumma Design placed a roof spoiler in the back end of the vehicle. There also is an apron with a spoiler lip and a diffuser. Three glossy three glossy 100mm exhausting pipes were placed in the centre. The Range Rover has gained large 22-inch alloy wheels wrapped as a final touch. They are in 305/35 R22 Vredestein tires.

Unfortunately, there are no photos of the vehicle’s inside part, though Lumma Design tells that they can equip the offering with an aluminium pedal kit with leather foot carpets, slip-proof rubber tabs, door ledges and a full custom leather upholstery and ultramodern business and multimedia installations.