2016-01-11 16:47:08

Lotus Exclusive Personalization Program

Get personalization options from Lotus thankfully to a new program. It was named Lotus Exclusive.

This new service was developed by the Lotus Design team. It will customize vehicles of new and old Lotus owners.

Lotus Exclusive will give a huge range of colours. There will be race-themed paints and heritage finishers. Essex Blue colour first applied on the Essex Commemorative Lotus Esprit Turbo (1980) and the F1 vehicles (1980 and 1981) will also be included. Motorsport Black first seen on the Lotus Sport Exige 240R will also be offered. Besides the main colour schemes, the program will offer lots of colour matching products in gloss, pearl, matte or metallic finishes.

Having chosen the colour scheme, the customers will be able to customize their cars with body decals. This will highlight the main details (the side skirts, spoilers, wings or door mirrors). The decals can be obtained in red, yellow, black or white colours. Besides, three styles will be available: asymmetric, single or twin. Even more outstanding outlook will be obtained thankfully to larger graphics with national flags (the Union Jack, for example).

The owners will have a chance to customize the cabin as well. 5 different shades of leather and 4 stitch colours will be offered.

Lotus Exclusive will be available only for Europe, but it future, the program will be expanded.