2016-11-02 20:45:26

Have A Look At The New Evora Sport 410 From Lotus

Lotus has presented the Evora Sport 410, the latest automaker’s supercar. The model has lost weight, has gained more power and aerodynamic.

The company says that the fry weight is 2,800 lb. It consists of carbon-fibber details nose-to-tail. The vehicle’s top speed is 190 mph. It accelerates 0-60 in only 3.9 seconds.

The six-cylinder engine produces 410 hp. The new wheels are performance-oriented. The exhaust is new and made from titanium. The previous-gen model was 70 kg heavier. Such weight loss was reached thankfully to hand-made carbon-fibber details.

The company’s CEO says that they are producing their best vehicles right now. Who has a mind to disagree?